Louis Vuitton Capucine

Ok, I realize that at $5K this might not qualify as a MUST-HAVE, but my birthday is April 16th for the next….at least 50 years if I’m lucky, and so if you’re looking to get me something special….well this is it!!  My appreciation for Louis Vuitton began after reading a history book on the brand while on vacation a few years back.  I appreciate Louis Vuitton’s “rags to riches” story and dedication to quality the company has maintained.

So, while at the Louie store in San Franciso, I came across this GORGEOUS red dyed Capucine.  I was standing in front of the glass case drooling when the sales person approached and announced that they just received this particular Capucine a few mere HOURS ago and asked if I’d like to see it.  What?!  I had no idea they would let me touch it!  So of course I was unprepared for a photoshoot and this darn shot is the best one I got.  What the photo doesn’t capture is the absolute glory of the dye job.  The depth of the shading…oh my. You can just see the attention that was paid to every little detail.  While the Capucine design is not my favorite and I dislike the color red, I truly appreciate the artistry of this handbag.  Well done Louis Vuitton.

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