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Coffee and kitties…who knew? Kitty Brew Cafe, Mason OH

So I just took my little one to Kitty Brew Cafe in Mason Ohio this morning, FINALLY.  And let me tell you something…there is some serious kitty love and coffee drinking going on over there.  I don’t always research places before I go… I like surprises and I feel it helps keep my opinions genuine. So I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  But I just have to let you all know how great it is! Continue reading “Coffee and kitties…who knew? Kitty Brew Cafe, Mason OH”


The Classy Caipirinha

If you’ve never tried a Caipirinha, you’re missing out.  This is the kind of drink I like to order when I visit a *classy* bar. Made with a brazilian rum called Cachaca, it’s a limey drink with a bit of a fruity bite. Somewhere between a margarita and a mojito…but a little classier than both.

(To hear how to pronounce (cai-pi-REE-nya) click here)

For recipe click here.

photo credit: imbibe magazine


cocoon coffee stumptown coffee cups

Stumptown Coffee Roast at Cocoon Coffee Shop is a MUST if you love coffee! – Mason, OH

I am always on the lookout for a new coffee spot.  I especially appreciate coffee shops that are unique and offer something above and beyond coffee.  Wether it be the ambience, the baked goods, the background music, an interesting mix of people….I want to feel like I’m getting more for my $4+ cup of coffee.  I recently stopped at Cocoon Coffee in Mason, whose motto is “Drink Well, Live Happy”.  Cocoon Coffee just recently opened, in January 2017.  I didn’t have high expectations due to it’s strip mall location, but I was surprised at how big and open it is inside.  I didn’t have that immediate, “I love this place!” reaction that I was hoping for when I walked in, but as I looked around I began to appreciate it’s subtleties.  And after learning more about their commitment to quality and partnerships, I’m completely sold. And you will be too! Continue reading “Stumptown Coffee Roast at Cocoon Coffee Shop is a MUST if you love coffee! – Mason, OH”

If you’re in Napa Valley, Peju it up!

If you’re in Napa Valley, Peju it up!

Peju Winery is one of my favorite wineries in Napa Valley! It’s so charming!  It feels like you’re in a fairy tale when you’re there. The grounds are beautiful with a garden you can stroll through while sipping your wine.  There’s even more beautiful sights and an art gallery inside.   Continue reading “If you’re in Napa Valley, Peju it up!”

Hall Winery – Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley wineries continue to outdo one another.  I absolutely love the grounds at Hall Winery.  There’s a Wine & Art tour that I definitely want to take advantage of next time I visit. Even though we didn’t have time to take a tour this visit, we still enjoyed plenty of art exhibits as they are everywhere you turn.  The views of the vineyard are beautiful, as is the modern tasting room.  The wines are fantastic and there’s even a bocce court if you’re feeling frisky.

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