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Get coffee AND great food at Royce Cafe in Lebanon, OH

So I’ve been on a kick lately to explore as many local coffee shops as I can.  I love coffee.  But I’m not the type who wakes up and immediately brews a pot, so I can down 2-3 mugs just to function.  No, I like to make coffee sipping (as I call it) an experience.  Who will I run into on my coffee jaunt?  What kind of atmosphere will I find?  Will the coffee be fabulous or just eh?  Will there be pastries to go along with it or will I be passing out from hunger by the time I make it home?  I mean, this coffee hunting is serious business.  

A few people suggested I check out Royce Cafe in Lebanon, Ohio.  Turns out I only live about 10 minutes away.  A fact I somehow overlooked in the 3 years I’ve lived in Mason Ohio.  Shame, shame.  So anyway, I was super excited to find how close it was and that both of their locations deliver to local businesses on fridays!  Why does that matter to me?  Because it’s just awesome that they care enough to deliver and support their local businesses who in turn support them.  It’s how the world should work.

My 3 sons had school off this particular day and against all my better judgement, I decided to bring them along.  As a teachable moment….you know….see Mom DOES in fact WORK.  She blogs.  It’s a real thing. It involves travel and writing and oh…eating and drinking!  Lucky ME!  And SOMEDAY it may involve pay, but we can talk about that later.  So the boys were excited and of course they all 3 ordered drinks and I think our drink bill was close to $30.  There goes that pay that I’m not making! Anyway, I ordered the always popular carmel latte and it was great.  I even got some cool shots of steam coming off the top (see images in the gallery!).  And we ended up having such fun and staying so long that one of my sons and I ordered lunch. I got the mushroom brie soup (super yummy) and my son ordered the Avocado Turkey Club (also yummy).  While the food and coffee were great, what I liked most about Royce Cafe was the hustle and bustle of it.  There were interesting people coming and going the whole time we were there.  And we were there LONG.  And we sat at a big table, taking up lots of space and the waitstaff couldn’t have been nicer.  They even let my boys venture upstairs to their additional dining area ALONE.  As if they weren’t nervously wondering what mischief these boys were going to cause.  lol.  Perhaps they thought I’d follow and supervise…but I was quite amused and did no such thing.  I waited for the boys to come back and give me their impressions.  Then I took the littlest back up and he and I explored a bit on our own.  The upstairs dining area is so contrary to the downstairs, it’s almost like you’re in another cafe!  The downstairs is trendy, hip and artsy and the upstairs is traditional.  It’s a great space to rent out for events and private parties.

I also appreciate how interactive and involved Royce Cafe strives to be with their customers.  They have cute little buckets on every table that have a permanent marker and postcard for patrons to leave a message or drawing sharing their experience.  As you can imagine, this was great fun for my boys.  As were the hopping easter bunnies that were also included in the bucket.  And quite a hopping bunny race ensued once all the bunnies were collected from almost every table!  Still the staff kept quiet. Thank you Royce Staff.  Thank you.  It’s not easy corralling the energy of 3 young boys!

If you like hustle and bustle, great coffee & food and the most patient and courteous waitstaff, you will love Royce Cafe.  And I must also mention the super fun, throwback candy store just a few steps away… Lebanon Candy & Sports Cards.  Click on the name to read my review!

Royce Cafe has 2 locations in Lebanon Ohio.  For Royce Cafe Downtown Lebanon (30 East Mulberry St.
Lebanon, OH 45036)  menu options click here.  And for Royce Cafe Countryside YMCA location (1699 Deerfield Rd. Lebanon, OH 45036) menu options click here.

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