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Lot No. 1 Coffee Shop, you are my dream come true!

I found my new coffee spot!  Lot No. 1 Coffee Shop, you are my dream come true! You know when you walk into a place and you’re just like…”Yeeesssss!”  That was my instant reaction when I opened the door to Lot No. 1, the newbie coffee shop in Lebanon, Ohio.  I’ve been on a hunt for a new coffee spot where I can sit, sip and blog and I have found it!  It is super inviting and even a bit luxurious!

It took me a few minutes to even glance at the bar because the lower level doubles as a boutique store.  So many interesting things to look at!  Great selection of teas, cups, kitchen gadgets and unique gift items….I could have easily spent a half an hour browsing but I had things to do.  The bar menu itself is simple and there was no “specialty drink” so I went with the Carmel Macchiato (hot).  I’m usually an iced drink type of girl but it was so cold out, I needed warmed up.  The Carmel Macchiato was good!  Not too sweet, which is always a concern for me, as I don’t really like sweet drinks.  They use a blend of local coffees and I found it to be on the stronger side, as it gave me the jitters.  BUT it could have been because I hadn’t eaten anything with it…. they were low on pastry selections (they are looking for new pastry suppliers).  So I just skipped it. Probably best for my waistline anyway.

As I was waiting for my drink, I noticed they have a huge deck out back with plenty of seating.  The deck area overlooks a pretty fountain too.  But as it was cold out, I headed upstairs where the seating is located.  It is just gorgeous up there!  So warm and inviting.  There are 5 designated seating areas, including 3 large tables, a setting for two and a lonesome comfy chair where I sat.  There’s also a fireplace, though I don’t think its functioning otherwise they surely would have had it on for this FREEZING cold day.  As I sat among the others with their laptops clicking away, I felt inspired.  Which was exactly what I was looking for!

If you are traveling to Lebanon Ohio, I highly recommend you make a stop at Lot No. 1 Coffee Shop!  They are located at 9 E. Main St. Lebanon Oh. 45036

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