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Coffee and kitties…who knew? Kitty Brew Cafe, Mason OH

So I just took my little one to Kitty Brew Cafe in Mason Ohio this morning, FINALLY.  And let me tell you something…there is some serious kitty love and coffee drinking going on over there.  I don’t always research places before I go… I like surprises and I feel it helps keep my opinions genuine. So I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  But I just have to let you all know how great it is!  First and foremost, the kitties who live there ARE ADOPTABLE!  So if you go and find yourself falling in love with one, there is a very good chance you can adopt it!  Kitty Brew Cafe works with Animal Friends Humane Society.  All cats are spayed/neutered, microchipped for identification, fully vaccinated, tested for Feline Leukemia, and personality tested.

The cafe is split into two separate sides…one side is the cafe and the other is the kitty lounge.  You can bring any drinks (the cafe features organic fair trade coffee from Seven Hills Coffee) or treats (including muffins, cookies, sandwiches, chips, etc.) you purchase at the cafe into the lounge, but be forewarned… kitties like food treats too!  The kitty lounge does smell like cat food so keep that in mind if you plan to bring in food and are sensitive to smells.  The cafe and lounge walls are adorned with cute Cat Art and the decor of both sides is clean and cozy. There’s plenty of seating and lots of space for the cats to run around and play (depending of course on how busy it is).  And there are lots of cat toys lying around for you to engage the cats with.  While we were visiting, there were 13 cats available for adoption, but only 9 of them were up and about playing.  Which was plenty as there were only a handful of visitors.  There’s a cute adoption tree hanging on the wall that features the cats who have been adopted… 31 since their opening in early April!!  And a bulletin board with the names and details of the cats waiting to be adopted. The staff at the cafe and the lounge are super nice and helpful.

There’s a $10 per hour charge to play in the cat lounge (they have bills to pay folks!) and they ask that children be age 7 and over.  EXCEPT on Wednesdays from 10am-6pm during their Kid’s Day hours!  Kids of all ages are welcome and the cost is $5 per kid and $10 per adult.  They also have coloring activities for the kiddos on Kid’s Day.

Before I go, I NEED to mention that the chocolate chocolate chip muffin and cinnamon roll that we ate were SUPER yummy!

Kitty Brew Cafe is located at 6011 Tylersville Rd, Suite 6 & 7, Mason Oh 45040.  Their phone is 513-818-2287.  Their location can be a tiny bit tricky to find if you’re not paying attention like me.  It’s DOWN BELOW El Caporal Restaurant which is next to BW3’s on Tylersville and Snider.  You have to drive behind the building to find it.

If you love cats but can’t have one of your own, this is the perfect spot to get your fix!


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