The Four Seasons – Punta Mita, Mexico

It’s been some time since I visited The Four Seasons in Punta Mita, but I can’t imagine much has changed.  The Four Seasons is well known for their SUPERIOR service and luxurious accommodations.  What really stuns at a their locations is the natural beauty all abound.  And that rarely changes.  I would go back in a heartbeat! Continue reading “The Four Seasons – Punta Mita, Mexico”

The Villa Casa Casuarina – Miami, Florida

Once owned by designer Gianni Versace, this South Beach Miami landmark is now a luxury boutique hotel.  Every inch is pure opulence and with a restaurant, bar, spa and rooftop lounge you might find yourself not wanting to leave the grounds! Continue reading “The Villa Casa Casuarina – Miami, Florida”

the betsy hotel miami

Swanking It up in Miami at The Betsy Hotel!

Oh how I LOVE The Betsy!!!  Such glamour and style!  A South Beach treasure. Despite it’s “boutique” size, everything is grand.  The service, the food, the decor, the rooms, the bar…and within close walking distance to the water and Ocean Drive.   They also have a writer’s room, where visiting writers and artists can stay and work.  Which I think is fantastic! Continue reading “Swanking It up in Miami at The Betsy Hotel!”

Villa Francesca- Foiano della Chiana, Italy

I’ve stayed at Villa Francesca all three times I’ve been to Italy.  The town of Foiano, where it is located, is right in the heart of Tuscany. We were able to easily do trips to Siena, Florence, Gubio, Todi, Orvieto…to name a few.   Continue reading “Villa Francesca- Foiano della Chiana, Italy”

secrets maroma beach cancun

Why I loved the all-inclusive Secrets Maroma Beach Resort in Cancun

Why I loved all-inclusive resort Secrets Maroma Beach in Cancun….

Well first off, let me start by saying that I had this misconceived perception that all-inclusive resorts were kind of like a one size fits all attempt at a vacation.  I assumed that all the “inclusive” parts of the stay, things like activities, food, the rooms even, would all be somewhat “less than” first class to cater to a broader amount of people.  Being that I enjoy things on the extravagant side, I will admit I snubbed my nose at all inclusives.  AND even worse, I generalized that the people who vacationed at them were….just looking to save money and would settle for less.  And that is how I formed my idea of what an all- inclusive resort is.  Well I was wrong! Continue reading “Why I loved the all-inclusive Secrets Maroma Beach Resort in Cancun”

The Inn at Perry Cabin – St. Michaels, MD

The Inn at Perry Cabin is perfect for a quiet getaway!  The rooms are classic and lovely.  The whole place has an eastern shore feel that instantly relaxes you.  The pool and pool house are elegant and the gardens are beautiful. The Inn is only miles away from the charming town of St. Michaels were you can find boutiques shops and eateries.

Ritz Carlton Reserve Dorado Beach

Ritz Carlton Reserve – Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico

My favorite resort EVER! I cannot say enough about how luxurious and gorgeous this resort and it’s surrounding areas are.  The food, the service, the rooms, the spa, the beaches, the ocean…you will not want to leave.  My pictures speak volumes.  Enjoy!

Continue reading “Ritz Carlton Reserve – Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico”

The Lodge at Geneva on the Lake, OH

I decided to try out the new Cottages at The Lodge at Geneva on the Lake, Ohio.  They’re kind of like little mobile homes set up on a pretty little compound next to the resort.  As it was their first season, the grounds still needed a bit of work, but the cottage turned out to be just what I needed.  And was certainly more private than the lodge and offered a shared fire pit among the 4-5 cottages in our lot.  Which led to interacting with some interesting folks.  You still get to use all the amenities at the Lodge, like the pool and fitness center.  I was surprised how much I enjoyed the Lake at Geneva State Park.  So peaceful.  Despite all the rocks you have to walk over, the beach was pretty and the water was swimable and there were even small waves! But my favorite part was hunting for sea glass.  It’s like finding a buried treasure when you get a piece.  We came out with quite a haul after 4 days.

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