Have you ever visited somewhere and thought, “this is the most gorgeous place I’ve ever been!  This is the most amazing meal I’ve ever eaten! Whoever came up with this drink is a genius!  Who keeps refilling my wine?” Either I’m insanely easy to please or I’ve been a very lucky gal.  Either way, I feel inspired to share my many delights with everyone.  From something as simple as a newly discovered cocktail to as complex as planning a trip for a family of 6, you can expect to find it here.

To make finding features easy, the blog is organized by Categories:

Sip & Swig = Wineries and Breweries I’ve visited

Munch & Chow = Restaurants and Eateries I’ve eaten at

Lounge & Lodge = Hotels, Resorts, Places to Stay

Destinations = Places to visit, like cities or locals spots like Museums, etc.

Favorites = These are a few of my favorite things!

Memes = Who doesn’t love a good meme?!

There are also 4 content boxes: Wine, Beer, Food & Drinks.  All of which include my top picks under those categories.

Or you can type in a keyword in the search box…. or search the tags at the bottom of the page. Explore, you never know what you might connect with!

Life is fleeting and the future is never guaranteed.  Live life to the fullest everyday.

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